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Boutique Wedding Dresses Northern Ireland: 7 different styles

At Bridal Elegance, we supply an incredible range of boutique wedding dresses for brides-to-be in Northern Ireland. Our wedding dress styles are suited to individual tastes and complimentary to the bride's figure.

Our incredibly supportive team will ensure that your requests are listened to, even if you don’t know the style of the wedding dress you desire, simply explain it to our team, and we will be happy to help you find the dress of your dreams.

Wedding Dresses Northern Ireland

At Bridal Elegance, we stock a beautiful range of boutique wedding dresses in different styles, from complimentary silhouettes to flattering necklines; our impressive collection of wedding dresses will have you feeling incredible and excited to walk down the aisle.

Check out this list of 7 different wedding dress styles that we love; you can also try them on in our wedding dress NI store.

1. Ballgown wedding dress

A ballgown wedding dress offers that iconic princess-type style of a wedding dress. With its flourishing and swishing fabric, you’ll feel ready to live out your own happily ever after.

The layered skirt compliments the top half of the dress, drawing the eyes to a tapered top and an accentuated waistline. This style of gown looks great on those with a fuller bust and narrower hips, but really any type of figure can work this fairytale of a wedding dress.

The best thing about this type of wedding dress style is that it looks great on a range of different necklines, giving you the freedom to combine the best of both worlds. Whether you go for an off-shoulder, square, v-neck or really any type of neckline, it will look great in comparison with a ballgown wedding dress.

2. A-Line wedding dress

An A-Line wedding dress provides a gradual flare towards the bottom of the dress, accentuating the waistline and enhancing the natural shape of the bride. It creates a dress with an A-shape, hence its name.

This style of wedding dress is more fitted compared to other styles, yet it still provides a flowy silhouette. An A-Line dress is a timeless classic, which is why it’s seen in a range of different dress styles, from boho to modern-chic; an A-Line dress will look and feel great.

3. Mermaid wedding dress

A mermaid wedding dress is a great option for hugging in at the hips and complementing an hourglass figure. This type of fit will enhance your natural curves and create a sultry silhouette.

A mermaid wedding dress usually looks great with a v-neck or soft plunge neckline, creating that elongated shape. You can also experiment with different types of fringe material for the bottom. It’s a dramatic look and a showstopper dress for your wedding day.

4. Fit and Flare wedding dress

A Fit and Flare wedding dress is similar to that of a mermaid-style silhouette, but there are some differences. A Fit and Flare dress will have a straight bodice, creating a slimmer shape, whilst a mermaid dress contours along the curves.

A Fit and Flare skirt will also begin to flare out at the midpoint of the things, compared to a mermaid dress that flares out below the knees. This type of dress is great for showing off a curvy figure and complementing it in the right places.

5. Off-shoulder neckline

An off-shoulder neckline is a really complimentary shape to any style of wedding dress. It creates space between the dress and the bride’s face, highlighting the radiant glow of the bride-to-be.

This style of wedding dress creates a feminine shape, drawing attention to the collar bones and décolletage. It also looks great for framing the bride’s face and allowing for long hairstyles without covering the design of the dress.

6. Plunge neckline

A plunge neckline looks great on those with a fuller bust, creating a bold and captivating look on your wedding day. The deep v-neck accentuates the top half and gives off a flirty and fun vibe.

A plunge neckline can work really well to compliment and flatter a top-heavy figure, and it can be paired with a range of different silhouettes. You can also pair it with long sleeves, making it a versatile option for a mesmerizing wedding dress.

7. Sweetheart neckline

A sweetheart neckline creates an elegant appearance and works well to bring balance to the overall look. It especially works well for those with a smaller bust as it creates the illusion of curves.

A sweetheart neckline will also elongate the bride’s silhouette and draw attention to the face, highlighting the décolletage and collarbones. It’s a flattering neckline for all shapes and will captivate your guests.

The above silhouettes and necklines are just a small example of all that we have to offer in our wedding shop. When you visit, we will recommend a combination of flattering silhouettes and attractive necklines in order to compliment your figure and suit your own individual style.

In our bridal appointments, the focus is all on you, so feel free to tell our staff what you like and don’t like about the dresses you're trying on. We will pay close attention to your comments and help you to find a dress that you will fall in love with.

Elegant wedding dresses Northern Ireland

Bridal Elegance is located in Larne County Antrim, which is just a short 20-minute drive from Belfast. Many of our clients make the short journey to find our boutique selection of wedding dresses, where each one has been hand-picked by us.

All of our wedding dresses are made from the highest quality materials, from satin to chiffon, we will present a dress that appeals to your own individual style and feels great on your skin. Our expert staff are on hand to make recommendations and guide you in making this very important decision.

At Bridal Elegance, we take pride in being a part of the bride’s journey in her quest to find the perfect dress. We stock a range of wedding dresses to suit every bride's individual tastes; from the sleek appeal of modern chic to the free-spirited vibe of boho - we will help you find a dress that you will be proud to walk down the aisle in.

Discover wedding dresses Northern Ireland

We strive to provide the very best wedding dresses in Northern Ireland. If you would like to try on any of the gowns you see above, or take a look at our wider selection of wedding dresses, you can simply book an appointment with Bridal Elegance, and we will create a beautiful memory of the day you found the dress of your dreams.

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